You finally did it! You went and got that cute puppy you’ve been wanting, and your home is now shared with a new furry family member. Congrats! You are now probably wondering what comes next. Food? Check. Toys? Check. Training Pads? Check! Treats and Chews? Uh oh.

If you are like most new puppy parents you’re probably not sure what treats and chews are good for your pup! Don’t fret The Pawstruck Pack is here to help! Below we have the best Treats and Chews for puppies of all breeds and sizes. No need to thank us…yet.

Since puppies tend to be more on the aggressive chewing end of the spectrum, we suggest staying away from any chews that are extremely hard. With puppy teeth, it is important that they fall out on their own so that their adult teeth have the appropriate amount of time to develop and grow. Since these pups are usually aggressive in their chewing, a hard chew could cause their teeth to fall out early or even break, since they are not as strong as their adult teeth will be. Stay away from antlers, hooves, and horns. It is best to start with softer chews, and as they grow, progressively move them up to harder long lasting chews.

For large breed puppies, we recommend the following products:


For small breed puppies, we recommend the following products:

The Pros of chewing

Chewing for dogs has many pros. It is great for mental stimulation, and great for dental health. As dogs gradually gnaw down on their chew of choice, they are also fighting tartar and plaque buildup.  Chewing on treats also helps satisfy a dog’s innate urge to chew and gnaw, saving your furniture and countless pairs of shoes! It can also relieve your new puppy of those awful teething pains, so why wouldn’t you get them a yummy chew?

Final Notes on Chewing

There are many different reasons that dogs chew, being bored, lonely, stressed, and anxious are only a few examples. If your pup becomes a destructive chewer, meaning they chew everything in sight, try giving them something new to chew on, but make sure not to inadvertently reward the chewing behavior. If you can’t provide supervision, it is important that you take small pieces, or chews that break apart easily to avoid any issues such as choking or swallowing large indigestible pieces. Our last note is to enjoy all that your new pup has to offer! The puppy breath way go away, but the memories and bonds you make with your puppy won’t so soak it all in!