Happy birthday to your furkid! You can’t let a birthday pass by without celebrating. Plus, there’s more than enough reason to celebrate the birth or adoption day of our dogs. We’re better humans because of these adorable pooches. So, why not throw an epic party that will make all the dog frenemies jealous? Follow these simple steps to hosting THE. BEST. DOG. PAWTY. EVER!

Step 1: Plot the party

Our dogs give us so much happiness and coming up with a dog-themed party is not only a fabulous idea, it’s a wonderful way to celebrate your bond with your furkids as well. If this is your first time planning a dog party, consider checking a few DIY ideas on Pinterest or Instagram. These are our go-to apps for planning the perfect parties for both humans and furkids. Deciding on the theme will make it easier for you to choose favors, food, games and who to invite. Choose themes that reflect your dog’s personality. If you’re planning to DIY all the way, themes that are fun and easy to set up should be a priority.

Step 2: Connive with your family and friends

A lot goes into puppy party planning. Of course, every human and dog who’s special to your pooch should be invited. Choose a date and time that you think will work well with everyone, so no one has an excuse to miss the party of the year. Hold off inviting any dog your furkid might not be well acquainted with especially if your pup’s territorial. One safety tip that you should never forget when creating your guest list is to ensure that you’re inviting pooches who are up to date with their vaccines. If you have other furkids, make sure to invite dogs they’re familiar with as well.

Step 3: Pick out the wicked location

Location is the key to a perfect party. If you’re planning to celebrate at home, make sure you have ample space for games and excited furkids. Small spaces can be challenging, but you can still make it work if you can’t find parks and venues that are pet-friendly. Does your furkid belong to the “It” crowd and seems to know a lot of dog pals she wants to invite to her party? A dog park or dog daycare center is your best option. Dog-friendly beaches are perfect for celebrating your furkid’s birthday as well.

Step 4: Send out the invites

By now, you have the place and time down pat. It’s just a matter of who to invite. Should you invite your frenemy whose dog is best friends with your furkid Gigi? Of course! This is Gigi’s special day after all. Take into consideration your dog’s personality. Would she like a huge crowd of her BFFs? Or is a family and close friends only affair more in order? If your dog is happy just being with close friends and family, you know who to send invites out to.

Step 5: Stock up on dog treats

One thing you should not forget is to make sure you have doggy chew treats available for the furkids who will be attending the big bash. You can bake some homemade doggie biscuits ahead of time. But if you don’t have the time to put on your chef’s hat, consider buying chew treats in bulk. Don’t worry about spoilage. These chew treats usually lasts for 24 to 36 months!

Step 6: Don’t forget the goody bags

Speaking of chew treats, there are goody bags to be filled. Your doggy guests can’t go home empty-handed. Plus, every good dog deserves to be sent home with treats to thank them for coming. Check Pinterest for unique pet treat packaging ideas. If you don’t have time to whip up some doggie biscuit treats, try searching for dog bakeries in your area. You can have artisan treats customized for your dog’s birthday bash.

Step 7: Think of a gift for your beloved dog

What’s a birthday celebration without a gift for the celebrant? You can make this year extra special by choosing a gift he can use for the next 365 days. Looking for some great gift ideas? Here are a few we came up with:

Those are just a few suggestions. If you’ve planned a party for your furkid before, stop by our comments section to tell us your fab ideas and give a few suggestions.

Step 8: Plan your games and activities

Be the talk of the town and entertain your guests with games and team building activities. Make the pawty more fun with a contest and awards for the Best Dog Attire, Most Behaved Canine, Mr (or Miss) Congeniality, and Most Obedient. Set up an activity corner where dogs can play with ropes, toys, and balls. Celebrating indoors? Not a problem! You can have fun games such as biscuit eating or a doggie version of Simon Says.

Aside from games, you can have fun activities that humans can participate in and have fun as well. Invite a professional dog trainer to go through some basic obedience training. Set up a photo booth and hire a professional photographer to commemorate your furkid’s birthday. For the “ladies”, a professional dog groomer can demonstrate basic grooming.

Step 9: Check your to-do list

The day is almost here and you’re panicking with so much on your plate. Your do-list will come in handy to ensure you don’t miss out anything. To help you out, here’s a short list you can use:

Call venue to confirm (if not celebrating from home)

  • Invitations
  • Food and Drinks
  • Photographer
  • Your furkid’s birthday outfit
  • Treats or rewards for games and activities
  • Goody bags
  • Birthday cake
  • Pet-friendly decor
  • Pet-friendly party supplies

Step 10: Threaten world denomination if no one shows up

We’re kidding, of course! Make sure that you only have to attend to last-minute decorating and cooking tasks. If the venue is not at home, go to your venue an hour or two earlier (depending on your theme and set-up) to make sure that everything is in place. When your guests arrive, set ground rules. Owners should be in charge of their furkids. Provide poop bags, drinking water, and make sure that you have a secure, dog-proofed space to celebrate your furkid’s special day.