If you are like most pet owners, you believe you have the smartest, most intelligent dog that walks and runs the face of this earth; and maybe you do!

All our dogs are smart in their own way! So, how do you evaluate your dog’s intelligence and smarts? Depending on how important it is to you that your dog be a genius or not, there are various tests you can have done to determine his IQ.

Most dogs are so attentive and in tune to what you are saying, making you wonder exactly what he’s thinking. What is really going on in that head? How smart your dog seems to be can be defined by his problem-solving skills. They usually learn from association most times. For instance, don’t pick up a leash if you really don’t mean it is time to go for a walk! Don’t reach for the food dish if it isn’t time for him to eat his dog food. Along with physical association, you may use certain words that a dog picks up on such as, “Do you want to eat” while picking up that food dish. Even without seeing the dish, your smarty pup knows what you are saying.

Different breeds have varying levels of intelligence with natural abilities. For example, a hunting dog has been bred for centuries to sniff out, dig and look for other animals. Many, because of the inborn senses do not get along with other small animals because their ancestors preyed on small creatures. Herding dogs may be seen trying to herd his humans or other pets in the home due to his instincts. The greyhound may excel in sight-oriented behavior while a bloodhound can smell the smallest object. It doesn’t show that one dog is smarter than the other but intelligent in their own ways and natural abilities.

Each dog excels at something just as with humans. Some are math whizzes while others master in language or sciences. Your dog is quite the same, mastering in certain areas while not as well in others. Either way, you have a special bond with that canine in your life, creating a unique communication that your pet is in tune with. Your dog wants to please you and pays attention to all your moves. There is nothing cuter than when you speak to your dog while it turns his head back and forth, hanging onto every word; whether he understands what you are saying or not.

If you really think about it, there is no one your pup would rather be with than you, and that has to be one smart dog! You come in the door and that tail is thumping with enthusiasm. Obviously, the feelings are mutual and you think, this is the sweetest, smartest dog ever. Dogs are smarter than you give them credit for. Researchers believe they are as intelligent as the average 2-year old toddler, usually without the attitude. If you must know how intelligent and smart your dog is, find out his I.Q. through www.dognition.com. Smart or smarter, your dog could not love you any more!


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