Why We Recommend Pawstruck Products for Our Dogs

I’m the proud parent of four fur-babies; Bruce (a Westie), Lily (a Pug), Maude (a Frenchie) and Ralph (a Beagle). Needless to say, I am always on the hunt for awesome pet products. I have literally tried out toys, bully sticks, food, and dry shampoos from dozens of manufacturers over the years. I’ve found some good brands that I and my pack of pups like, but nothing that really stood out from the crowd; that is until I found Pawstruck!

After talking to a bunch of fellow pet parents, I discovered Pawstruck. I’m a little neurotic, and I won’t give my babies anything unless I have fully researched the product, so I dug around (not that I had to dig very far) to find out more about this manufacturer. I was delighted to find out that they offer a nice selection of products – treats, bully sticks, bones, food and wellness supplies, and toys – and I was even more delighted to learn that the use the highest quality ingredients in everything that they make. So, I decided to give them a try and I placed an order for a few items; a couple of their grooming supplies, some of their interactive dog toys, and two packages of their bully sticks.

The order arrived promptly, which I was grateful for because, with a lot of the other manufacturers I’ve ordered from in the past, it seemed like it took forever for my packages to come in. I was impressed as soon as I opened up the box. Everything was packaged so nicely and I could tell that they really care about what they do and the customers (including their four-legged customers) just by the packaging of the products. It might sound silly, but to me, presentation means a lot; I’ve found that if the packaging looks sloppy, chances are the products aren’t that great. Anyway, as I was opening everything up, my pups were hovering around my feet, just waiting to see what I got for them. Their tails were wagging a mile a minute when I gave them their toys and bully sticks.

All of the products that I ordered from Pawstruck were amazing; but there were two items that really stood out and that I was beyond impressed with; the Pawstruck 7 inch straight bully stick and the Pawstruck non-rinse dry dog shampoo. The bully sticks were amazing. The 7-inch length and small thickness were the perfect size for my varied group of small- to medium-sized pups, and the straight design gave me peace of mind. I’ve given my pups other bully sticks in the past that were generally straight, but they had small twists and curves, which put me in a state of panic because I was always afraid that someone was going to get hurt. That wasn’t the case with the Pawstruck bully sticks; they were really straight. I also loved that they were super sturdy, so they lasted longer; with other bully sticks, a couple of my pups gnawed right through them within a matter of minutes. These sticks really lasted a long time, which kept my pups happy, and made me really happy too, because that meant that I didn’t have to re-order right away. Another reason why I loved these bully sticks is that they are made of all-natural ingredients; grass-fed, free range cattle, to be exact, and that’s it! They don’t add any hormones, artificial colors or dyes, or other harsh additives that could be bad for dogs. The sticks also had a minimal odor; if you’ve used bully sticks before, you know that makes a huge difference. Some of the bully sticks that I’ve tried before were so pungent that I had to get rid of them because I just couldn’t stand the smell. My pups love them, too! They were so content to chomp on these bully sticks and they get excited every time a new package comes in the mail!

The other Pawstruck product that I was super impressed with was their no-rinse dry dog shampoo. With four dogs, you can imagine how challenging bath time is. I mean, all of them love to take baths, but it really is a big hassle; lots of water everywhere and tons of towels to wash. But if I can’t put off bathing them for a long time because they are super active and love being outside, so they get pretty dirty and stinky (just picture four dogs rolling around in dirt, hiking, and playing around outside all day and imagine what that would smell like!) So, since giving them a bath on a regular basis just isn’t possible, I decided to give the Pawstruck no-rinse dry shampoo a whirl. I love it – and so do my furry friends!

It’s made with all-natural ingredients, plant-based ingredients, like rosemary, ginger, and bergamot, which not only smell lovely as your using the product, but they are also super effective. My pups smelled so amazing after using this dry shampoo on them; it even got rid of the disgusting smell of garbage that my Beagle rolled in (he’s a little gross and likes to roll around in not-so-pleasant things, despite my efforts to get him to stop. Dogs will be dogs, I guess!) Plus, their coats were so silky, shiny, and smooth after I gave them a good scrub down with it. I loved the fact that it’s paraben-free, too, which gave me a lot of peace of mind because it didn’t cause any issues for my Westie, who tends to have reactions with some products. Using this product was so easy, too! I just sprayed it on, rubbed it in, let it dry (and it dried quickly) and gave my doggos a good brushing, and that was it! They were so clean and fresh smelling, it was just like they had taken a bath!

If you’re looking for high-quality products for your dogs, you have to give Pawstruck a try! Believe me; you will not be disappointed!

This article was written by Joe at DogProductPicker.com.

[This post is not paid for and reflects the thoughts of a real Pawstruck customer. ]