This week we're looking at a dog treat review from Kathy about our 7" Straight Bully Stick (XL Thickness).

I have nothing but GOOD to say about these Bully Sticks

I have 2 Golden Retriever’s that are semi aggressive chewers and these take care of my problems of trying to find a good treat that lasts a long time. Click here to read Pawstruck's Review of the Week: 7" Straight Bully Sticks (XL Thickness)!They do not smell badly like other bully’s I’ve tried and they chew on them for hours. The thickness is substantial and makes for a great product. I ordered these once before in the 12″ length but found out to my surprise that they didn’t or couldn’t finish the whole one. I’m trying the 7 inch this time and they seem to be able to finish them completely and still be satisfied that they have had enough. These are a great product and I don’t have to worry about foreign imports and making my kidz ill. I will be ordering again when they run out. Thank you for such a great, healthy and non smelly product.

Thank you for the great review Kathy! It makes us so happy to hear a pet parent being able to find something just right for their dogs. For anyone looking for other products great for aggressive chewers, be sure to check out our Braided Bully Sticks and Filled Bones.

We also love our 7″ Straight Bully Stick (XL Thickness) because they:

  • Promote good dental health by helping clean teeth & gums
  • Are a completely natural dog treat with low-odor
  • Are made without any preservatives or hormones
  • Are always completely digestible

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