Located on a 125-acre family farm in sunny Bonifay, Florida. This nonprofit rescue is graciously run with the love and care of at least 25 to 30 active volunteers at any given time. Lucky Puppy Rescue works across three states to help and tend to as many dogs in need as they possibly can.

Mission Statement

  Founded in 2008, Luck Puppy Rescue was formed in an effort to change the luck of rescue dogs forever. The way they have accomplished this is through working with the community, other shelters, and rescue groups to restore the health of the dogs that come to them.

LRP tends to every dog’s physical health with not only veterinary care but also by helping prevent further overpopulation through spaying and neutering. The rescue also tends to their emotional needs by providing a pack family that will socialize them and get them ready for their forever home. This level of care and service prepares the rescue dogs for adoption into a loving home!

About The Lucky Puppy Rescue

The LPR has recently opened 2 satellite locations, one in New York and one in Maine, both bearing the same name, named Lucky Puppy Rescue Go North. The LPR takes in 100’s of abandoned, homeless, dumped, owner-surrendered dogs and puppies. All of the momma dogs taken in are spayed after giving birth in order to further prevent the overpopulation of homeless dogs. All dogs are completely vetted before being adopted out.

In addition, they have a mom dog program named retired momma dog program. They take in post pardon dogs where they are spayed and returned to the owners if they are willing to take them back.

How Does The Lucky Puppy Rescue Operate?

With at least 25 to 30 active volunteers, and with donations they are able to take on and help the area surrounding their multiple locations. They also have a fostering program where people can sign up to temporarily take in a rescue, allowing social skills to be learned in preparation to be adopted into a forever home.

How The Lucky Puppy Rescue Benefits Animals and Serves the Community

They work with the community shelters by taking in the overflow the shelters can no longer accommodate. The Lucky Puppy Rescue also focuses on the promotion of Spaying/Neutering pets within their various communities. Their working theory is if the population is controlled the shelters and rescues would not continue to be filled to capacity and euthanization rates would decrease in shelters, starting with the surrounding areas where they operate.

How Did Kathy Whitehurst Get Involved With The Lucky Puppy Rescue?

“I first got involved with a satellite location where they house numerous puppies and some adults. At the time they had numerous puppies there. They were overwhelmed by the amount of dirty laundry that needed to be washed on a daily basis. (No washer and dryer at this location) They started a laundry brigade, where one person would pick up laundry on a designated day. Take it home and wash and dry and return the following week. I then started doing the lawn care one day a week, raking and mowing. I now do transports, Donate money and goods when finances allow, etc. This rescue is near and dear to my heart.”

How You Can Help

If you would like to donate please click the link below:


Upcoming Events

Lucky Puppy Rescue is selling Raffle tickets for one big grand prize! Tickets are only $15 each or 2 for $25! Must be 21 years old to enter. Details are located on their Facebook page.

All proceeds will go directly back to the Lucky Puppy Rescue!


Phone: (850) 814-6500

Email: www.theluckypuppy.org   (no email address. Can only message via Facebook or website)

Website: http://theluckypuppy.org

Facebook: www/facebook.com/TheLuckyPuppyRescue


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