Founded in 2001, Animal Town Sanctuary Inc. rescues senior dogs from high kill animal shelters and provides a lifetime of care.

Animal Town Sanctuary was started by Travis Poper and his wife. Unable to have children of their own, the Poper’s dedicated themselves to rescue efforts after purchasing a 10-acre ranch. They serve the Riverside, Los Angeles, and San Bernadino counties, and believe a kill shelter is no place for any animal to end its life.

Animal Town Husky Sanctuary

Mission Statement:

Animal Town Sanctuary is a 501c3 non-profit group dedicated to rescuing unadoptable animals from local shelters. We specialize in seniors.

About Animal Town Sanctuary Inc.

Cookie the Husky at ChristmasUnlike traditional shelters that emphasize adoption, the primary purpose of Animal Town Sanctuary, is to provide a lifetime of care and sheltering for these animals. The setting consists of a large ranch house and a climate controlled out building, surrounded by 10 acres of fenced in lawn, fruit trees and organic garden for all of our residents to enjoy. There are no cages and the animals are free to move about and interact with each other.

Animal Town Sanctuary also promotes animal education to the public, with a focus on nutrition. Additionally, they emphasize the importance of spaying and neutering your pet and reporting animal abuse.

Benefiting the Community

Pistachio the Husky Aside from rescuing senior animals from various shelters throughout Southern California, Animal Town Sanctuary cares for these animals for the rest of their lives.

“All of the animals we have rescued have been neglected and abused. Most abandoned by their owners,” says Travis Poper. “It takes us almost one whole year to rehabilitate them. We provide end of life care for them forever. They are not up for adoption. We keep them at our cage-free sanctuary until they pass from natural causes.”

Animal Town Sanctuary is also very active in networking with other rescues to find homes for the other animals in the shelters. Toper says, “We are very proud that we make an impact at our shelters. We have even rescued a few pot-bellied pigs and even a pair of tortoises.”

Kota the HuskyHow To Help

Check out the Animal Town Sanctuary Wishlist. Animal Town Sanctuary always accepts pet store or VISA gift cards, but right now they particularly need natural pet treats and pee pads.

Contact Animal Town Sanctuary via the email or phone number below if you would like to arrange a donation.

Contact Information:



 : (951) 775-7280




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