Dogs can be very picky eaters! You might be one of the thousands of fur parents who are always on the prowl for treats to give their fussy furkids. Pig ears happen to be one of our best selling products. That’s because even the finicky dogs love these all-natural, delectable chew treats. Why do our dogs enjoy gnawing on them?

The Benefits of Pork Chews

Many fur parents consider pork as an alternative to the classic beef meals and treats. Some pets suffer an allergic reaction to beef. Pork chews also serve as a good alternative to long-lasting pizzle sticks and bones. Before we give you the list of pork chews that will catch your pooch’s attention, here are 3 good reasons you should buy pork chews:

1. Pork chews are incredibly tasty.

We can’t quite figure out why dogs would love such strange looking things like snouts and ears. It could be the oozing meaty flavor or the crunchy texture that draws them to these treats.

2. These chews are rich in protein.

Dogs are pretty active creatures and a deficiency in protein leads to major health problems. You see, protein is the building block that helps support muscles and repairs tissue. Protein is to dogs as carbohydrates are to humans, so make sure that high-quality protein is present in your pets’ meals and treats.

3. Pork chews are safe.

Well, at least the ones in our collection are. Pork chews are fully digestible, which means that they’ll easily break down in your pup’s tummy so you won’t have to worry about stomach blockages. However, even if they’re safe treats for dogs, we highly recommend supervision when you give chews of any kind to your furkids.

Pork Chews Your Dog Will Love

If you’re looking for more pork chew options, here are some products your picky eaters going to love.

Puffed Sow Pig Ears

Crunch, crunch! Oh, how our dogs love to chew on anything that has that crunchy texture. Even fur parents love our puffed sow pig ears. And no, it’s not about the taste. It’s the fact that these all-natural pig ears are not roasted with toxic additives and artificial flavors. Just like your pooch’s favorite bully sticks, these are 100% digestible.

Braided Pig Pizzle Dog Treats

If your doggos are looking for a different flavor apart from their usual bully sticks, braided pig pizzle is a good alternative. It’s made of three pig pizzles that are braided to become one of the favorite chew treats to grace doggy land. These delectable pizzle treats are durable and have high protein content.

Pig Skin Dog Treats

Chewing supports our pups dental health and chases the blues away as well. Rawhide chews are popular amongst dog owners, but some dogs have a hard time digesting the leather by-product. Pig skin dog treats are a nutritious alternative to the classic rawhide chew treats. Pig skin chews are thinner, processed without harmful additives and roasted in only their own natural juices.

Pig Snouts

Nothing attracts our dogs more than strange looking things. It’s hardly surprising to walk in your furkid chewing on a remote control! If your finicky pup is no stranger to strange chews, hand him a pig snout. This yummy dog-approved treat is rich in protein and scrapes the nasty stuff off your dog’s teeth.

Smokehouse Pork Skin Retrievers Dog Treats

Some dogs are allergic to beef and it’s sad that they can’t chew on the immensely popular beef rawhide treats or bully sticks. If your dog loves pork and can’t get enough of the pig ears, the pork skin retriever treat is a good alternative to beef pizzles. To lock in the flavors, these chew treats are slow-roasted to achieve the great taste and texture that keeps furkids coming back for more. Some fur parents claimed that these bully stick alternatives keep their dogs occupied for a long while.


Pork chews are wonderful alternatives to the traditional bully sticks and rawhide chews. Pets who are suffering from being allergic to beef can benefit from delectable pork-based treats. Pawstruck pork chews are sourced from top quality ingredients and free from the horrors of toxic additives and artificial flavorings! Got any questions about our range of pork chew dog treats? Give us a bark at 1-800-715-4955. We’re happy to answer any questions you have!