This month’s pet of the month is extra special! While we had originally only chosen one of these two brothers, after hearing more about them, we couldn’t pick one over the other. That is why this month brothers Opie and Ricky are our January pets of the month! Opie and Ricky have been part of the Pawstruck Family since May when they were rescued and brought in to the lovely home of their amazing dogmom Patti.

The brothers are very bonded and go together like two peas in a pod! According to her hooman Patti, they both go crazy for our Pawstruck 12″ Straight Bully Stick XL Thickness. Opie and Ricky’s favorite pastimes, when not chewing on a yummy bully stick, is to play with one another. They spend their days jumping over furniture and wrestling so much so they have turned their hoomans home into a dog park! 

That’s why their mom makes sure to take them on walks, twice a day, to burn off some energy. These intelligent pups while young are already learning so much. They are quickly learning bike commands and enjoy the outdoors.

This month we thought we would return the love these boys have for our bully sticks and have handsome Opie and Ricky drawn. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Don’t forget to submit your pet enjoying their favorite Pawstruck treat, to, for a chance to be picked as next month’s featured pet!