Let’s give a welcoming bark to February’s pet of the month, Pax! This precious 2 year old LOVES our MONSTER Yak Chews, which according to her hooman Diane, gives her hours of fun. When she’s not chewing, this red lab loves long walks, backyard playtime, and all things water-related from diving in snow drifts to swimming in her pool. Pax has been part of the Pawstruck Pack for a while now and we’re tail waggin’ happy to have her as part of our pack!

We wanted to show a little love back and have Pax made into a portrait. Isn’t she one precious pup!? Don’t believe us? Check out the drawing for yourself and let us know what you think!

Don’t forget to submit your pet enjoying their favorite Pawstruck treat, to photos@pawstruck.com, for a chance to be picked as next month’s featured pet!