June Pet of the Month

Congrats to Bickell for being this month’s pet of the month! Dubbed by his family as “the most handsome English Lab,” Bickell has been a part of the Pawstruck Pack for over a year now. When he’s not chewing on our delicious Pig Ears, he loves to spend his days sitting on top of the landing looking out the window! Unless his sister Bella gets to his Pig Ears first, of course. Luckily, his hoomans Adam and Phyllis are always sure to have treats (and belly rubs!) on hand for this energetic pup, to keep him happy and entertained.

We wanted to capture handsome Mr.Bickell in a drawing this month!
Take a look and let us know what you think.

Don’t forget to submit your pet enjoying their favorite Pawstruck treat, to photos@pawstruck.com, for a chance to be picked as next month’s featured pet !