On the road again! Off to your favorite holiday destinations, to enjoy some much needed fun. However, instead of being completely liberated of any and all responsibilities back home, you catch yourself checking in with your dog sitter, checking the nanny cam you installed before you left, even calling your neighbor to make sure your pup is doing okay all alone.

What was meant to be a relaxing getaway has just turned into a guilt trip due to you not being able to bring your precious pup along. Well no more! We have taken it into our hands to compile a list of places to visit across the U.S. that are not only fun but also pet-friendly! So pull out the notepad and bust out a pen, cause you are gonna want to take notes when reading this.


Acadia National Park
Love hiking and basking in mother nature’s creations? Well, then Acadia National Park in Maine is the perfect place for you. With more than 100 miles of dog-friendly hiking trails and multiple dog-friendly campsites, it’s the perfect vacation for all the members of your family! To learn more about how dog friends this sweet spot is, just click play below:








Washington DC
If history and monuments are your thing, then Washington DC is the ultimate destination for you and for your pups! There is a multitude of locations within the DC area that are dog-friendly. From the National Mall to the National Arboretum there’s no shortage of fun when vacationing here. We also recommend taking your pups on the Mount Vernon Trail, it’s the perfect place for your pup to stretch our his legs and interact with other fur friends. Especially if you plan on a long drive, this is the perfect place for your pup to burn some energy.


Feeling a bit chilly? In need of some extra vitamin D? Then come with us to sunny Sedona where fun is all around and dogs are welcomed with open arms. If the great outdoors is calling your name then head on over to the Red Rocks of Sedona, for some beautiful scenery. If you’re unsure of where to take your pup and what trails are the most pup suited, we recommend checking out  Sedona Red Rock Adventures. They are a pet-friendly tour company, with their own company tour guide dog! From there head on over to Oak Creek Vineyard & Winery, where their outdoor patio is 100% dog-friendly. While you unwind with a good wine tasting your pup will be able to lay right next to you and rehydrate with their own bowl of cool water. Talk about a win-win for everyone!


Ever wish you could go to the big screen and bring your pup along with you? Well, in Tulsa Oklahoma you can do just that. At Admiral Twin Drive-In Theater, everyone is welcome even your furbabies. So grab a snack and drive on in to watch the latest film. In the comfort of your own car! Don’t forget to bring pillows and a blanket or two for some added comfort.
Need time to kill before the movie begins? Well, Joe Station Bark Park may be the perfect spot to go and stretch those legs, the furry ones too. Made with dogs in mind, this park has all the amenities from tons of lawn space to run around in, to a water fountain in the shape of a fire hydrant made just for pups! Bring some food and have a picnic there with some conveniently located picnic tables. Don’t forget to bring your pup some bully sticks too, all that running around will be sure to work up an appetite.


Colorado Springs
Colorado has so much to offer anyone, especially our four-legged friends! If your thinking about taking a road trip to this fine located then add these next few places on your list of to-dos. First stop? Garden of the Gods! We already know your furbaby rules the household so this can be his home away from home. So put on your walking shoes and grab his favorite leash, cause adventure awaits you. This spot is pretty easy, so it’s the perfect place for the whole family, even the kiddos, to come and enjoy. Your pup still have too much energy to burn? Drive over to Bear Creek Dog Park, where they can meet up with new pups and run out their energy. This sweet spot is a ten-acre dog park with shaded areas and an agility training course. The perfect place to run in the sun and work up a good appetite!


New Orleans

Home of distinct music, Creole cuisine, and its own French Quarter this city is a fun-filled place to take not only yourself but your four-legged pet too. There is so much to do with your pup from tours to restaurants the number of things to do is seemingly endless. If you are a foodie, New Orleans is the place for you with hundreds of restaurants and shops to go to! Best part? Over 195 restaurants are pet-friendly so there’s no need to leave your pup back at the hotel when hunger strikes. Once you’ve had your fill of delicious eats, take a stroll through the world-renowned French Quarter, known for its French and Spanish Creole architecture and vibrant life along Bourbon Street. You will enjoy your stay here and feel even better knowing you were able to bring your pup along for the ride!

New York

New York City aka the Big Apple aka the City of Dreams! Whatever you may call it, this city is the destination and home for millions of people a year. With so many people to hold and occupy it’s no surprise, there’s an endless amount of things to do in the city. The fun isn’t limited to just us hoomans but for our four-legged friends as well! First up? This one may come as a shock to no one but good old Central Park! Not only is it a green wonderland in the middle of a concrete jungle, but there are 23 areas where your pup can roam free without a lease! So go and let your dog get all their energy out while saying hi to a few new furfriends along the way. If a jam packed park is not your idea of fun, then take a hike! Literally, head on over to Inwood Hill Park Hiking Trails, where you and your buddy will be able to get in some much needed bonding time without all the hustle and bustle. Whatever your pleasure, you’re sure to find it here in the Big Apple and now you can find it with your canine companion right beside you!


There you have it, folks! Some picture-perfect places to go and visit. Not only will you enjoy a carefree vacation but your pup will too, right there next to you. Who says you can’t have cake and eat it too?