Here at Pawstruck quality is our top priority. We vow to offer high-quality products, at low prices, which is why we partner with only the best. Partnering with Redbarn has given us the opportunity to offer grain-free all natural pet food, which is full of essential nutrients your pet needs. We have combed through our canned foods, and listened to our customers, pet and human, to come up with a list of our most popular canned food for dogs and cats! And best of all? Each is healthy and all natural! Did your pet’s favorite food make the cut? Keep scrolling to find out!

10) Redbarn Beef Stew Canned Dog Food

Beefy and delicious, Redbarn’s Beef Stew Canned Dog Food is sure to make your pup’s tail wag! Filled with ingredients such as beef, vegetables, potatoes, and other all natural ingredients, this delicious food is sure to boost your pup’s mood, and keep them fueled for the day to come. Whether that be, sleeping, fetching or barking, Redbarn’s Beef Stew is made for all dogs of all ages. No wonder it’s a fan favorite! Oh, did we forget to mention that it’s made right here in the United States? Can it get any better?

9) Redbarn Steak & Egg Stew Canned Dog Food

Raise your paw if you love steak! It’s no wonder that Redbarn’s Steak & Egg Stew made the cut… it combines two things that pups can’t get enough of. Steak & Eggs. Each serving is filled with yummy ingredients, which are only all-natural, and best of all formulated with essential vitamins to help your pooch stay happy and healthy! Is your mouth watering yet? We bet your pooches is!

8) Redbarn Ocean Fish for Weight Control Canned Cat Food

Who doesn’t love a yummy food that is health conscious, and affordable? The Ocean Fish for Weight Control Canned Cat Food is filled with real cuts of fish, natural alfalfa, green lipped mussels, and Yucca Schidigera to help maintain a healthy weight for your cat. We know that working out isn’t always super fun, but put a bowl of this at the end of the treadmill and your cat will be the exercise master! Not to worry feline friends, this food can be consumed by all cat types and sizes, so whether you are hitting the gym with your cat or hanging out around the house, this flavor is pawfect!

*Not true size of cans

7) Redbarn Chicken Pate Canned Dog Food Healthy Immune System Formula

We know the importance of providing your pet with healthy food that tastes good, which is why we carry the Redbarn Chicken Pate Canned Dog Food Healthy Immune Formula. This food is made in the United States and contains delicious and all natural ingredients sure to please you and your pup. So, what makes it a healthy immune system formula? We thought you’d ask. This food contains Dandelion greens which are high in protein, vitamins, and minerals, and perfect for supporting a boost to your pups overall immune system. It may also support the digestive system at the same time. Sign us up for a serving!

6) Redbarn Salmon Stew Canned Cat Food

No surprise that the Redbarn Salmon Stew Canned Cat Food made the list; we can barely keep it in stock before it’s time to reorder more! This flavor is filled with carrots, cranberries, and then mixed in with a delicious gravy, that is sure to make your cat lick their lips. This flavor and formula is perfect for all ages and types of cats and works for indoor and outdoor cats. We have heard only great things about this food that we almost thought about trying it… NOT. We’ll leave this one to the cats for now.

5) Redbarn Chicken Pate for Indoor Cats Canned Cat Food

Mmm tastes like chicken… oh, wait it is chicken! The Redbarn Chicken Pate for indoor Cats Canned Cat Food is made with REAL cuts of chicken. Nothing artificial on this end. This food is perfect for Indoor Cats who want to play all day. The natural ingredients in this formula help boost energy to help your cat stay healthy and active all hours of the day! Don’t get mad at us if your cat won’t leave you alone after, just give them more food!

4) Redbarn Lamb Stew Canned Dog Food

Redbarn’s Lamb Stew is another flavor we aren’t surprised to see make the cut. Full of high-quality natural ingredients, this formula of food is filled with natural supplements to support your pups’ overall health. All of Redbarn’s Canned Foods are grain free, and favored by even the pickiest of eaters, which tells you that we have found the good stuff!

3) Redbarn Lamb Pate Canned Dog Food Skin & Coat Formula

If you notice your pup constantly scratching their itchy and dry skin, then this is the food for you and your pup. Redbarn created their Lamb Pate Canned Dog Food Skin & Coat Formula to help pups suffering from itchy dry skin get the relief they need. Switching your pup to an all-natural diet can do wonders, including promoting a healthy skin and coat. What more could you ask for as a pet owner?

*Not true size of cans

2) Redbarn Chicken Stew Canned Cat Food

Coming in at the big number 2 is Redbarn’s Chicken Stew Canned Cat Food. This flavor is as close to comfort food that a cat could get. Filled with fresh cuts of chicken, carrots, peas, and mixed in a delicious gravy makes this a highly-desired food for cats. This formula is perfect for indoor and outdoor cats as it is just plain goodness in a can, or so we hear. This flavor was so popular with cats all over the nation that Redbarn came out with a larger can to provide more yummy goodness. Don’t take our word for it, let your cat try it out!

1) Redbarn Turkey Pate Canned Cat Food

Holding the top spot on our list of Pawstruck’s Most Popular Canned Food is Redbarn’s Turkey Pate Canned Cat Food. This flavor takes things back to the basics, as it is made with turkey, turkey, and more turkey! They’ve also added in some parsley and green-lipped muscles to make this food the cream of the crop with additional nutrients to help support a healthy cat! Give this food to your indoor cat, outdoor cat, child’s cat, neighbor’s cat, anyone’s cat for that matter, as they are sure to love each bite.

Well, that’s all for the canned foods for now! Try them out, and let us know which one your household prefers by leaving a comment below or emailing us at!