Happy National Cat Month! If you are a cat owner, new or long-standing, it is important to know and follow the right practices to make sure your cat lives a healthy and happy life. While it is never too late to start good habits we know it can be difficult to know where to start. If the overwhelming amount of information online has your head spinning then look no further. We have rounded up essential need to know information about having a healthy furry little cat in your life.

Healthy Cat Tips

1.Do not over ‘treat’ your cat

As cute as they are when they come up to you purring for an extra treat or two, it is also important to set limits on the number of treats a day. Treat should not make up more than 10% of their daily calories.
An important tip to keep in mind is cats, like humans, like to eat when they are bored. When they come meowing into the room seemingly begging for food consider instead spending ten minutes playing with them. Another option is to buy or make them a food puzzle style toy that helps them slow down and time out their treat consumption.

2.Groom your cat daily

As soft and luscious as it feels to run your hand through your cat’s thick fur, cats benefit greatly from daily grooming. Regardless of your cat’s hair length, daily grooming helps remove dead hair from their coat. This prevents them from ingesting it themselves when self-grooming, thus cutting down on hairballs they may chuck up later on. Also, this helps you be able to notice any unusual lumps or bumps that may pop up.

3.Scratching posts are your best friend

Scratching posts are key to keeping your new couch scratch and tear free. The earlier you train your cat to use a scratching post the better off you’ll be. It’s not just your furniture that benefits from this either. Scratching posts helps our furry friends shed off old nail layers, keeping their claws in top condition. Also, they help your cat stretch out their muscles as they tend to go into a long stretch when scratching. Too cute!!

4.The vet may be your cat’s enemy but it shouldn’t be yours

While the drive to the vet’s office is never fun, it is important to make sure your cat sees the vet regularly. At minimum, you should be bringing in your cat for a once-a-year wellness check and for their yearly preventative shots. Vets are crucial in early detection of any medical condition or problem. Cats are notorious for hiding pain and discomfort, so vets help us see what our cats refuse to show us allowing us to keep our cats healthy longer.

5.No such thing as too many litter boxes

There is a common misconception that one litter box per household is plenty of sand for your cat(s) to do their business in. Well, sorry to break it to you but that is just not the case. The general, more accurate, rule of thumb is one litter box per cat plus one more. For example, if you have two cats in your home, then you should have three litter boxes. While this may seem a bit excessive for some, providing plenty of litter boxes for your cats, helps reduce the amount of ‘business’ done outside of the litter box.

Healthy Cat Treats

Finding yummy treats that your finicky cat will actually eat can seem like an impossible task. Fret not! We have decided to compile a couple of our favorite cat approved treats that are sure to be a hit in your household.

Redbarn Protein Puff Cat Treats

Redbarn has recently come out with a new innovative healthy cat treat that is less than 1 calorie per treat. They have teamed up with one of the largest caseinate suppliers in the world to develop a delicious protein-packed treat. For those wondering, caseinate is best known for supporting healthy muscle growth, making it a popular dietary supplement amongst athletes and bodybuilders. With over 75% protein and low in fat, this treat is sure to help fulfill your cat’s treat cravings without piling on the calories.

These treat come in three different flavors and fit a variety of nutritional needs and restrictions. They are grain and gluten free, free of any artificial colors and flavors, and they are an excellent source of balanced amino acids. Did we mention they are also made right here in the USA? The benefits are endless so be sure to give these treats a try! Trust me, your cat will thank you for it.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Grain Free Chicken Crunchy Cat Treats

Allow your cat to taste the wild with this scrumptious crunchy treat. Made with deboned chicken as its number one ingredient, this treat is loaded with flavor. Protein-rich and made with no by-products this can quickly become a guilt-free treat to reward your cat with.

Cat got a grain sensitivity? Not to worry, these Blue Buffalo Wilderness treats are made grain-free and are also free of wheat and soy. They have got their bases covered with this one.  So don’t hesitate in adding a couple bags to your cart next time your buying food for your cats.

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