This Rescue Spotlight doesn't focus on one specific rescue or shelter, but instead sheds light on a group that does their best to support the 501(c)(3) animal groups around them.

Amanda B., Event Planner for Pawsitively 4 Paws, reached out to Pawstruck and told us a bit more about their work.

About Pawsitively 4 Paws

Founded in the summer of 2015, Pawsitively 4 Paws is made up of volunteers in Kokomo, Indiana that support their local 501(c)(3) animal groups. This includes fundraising to help with resources, education efforts, event help, and donations. They give donations and help all rescue animals, but are most often found assisting dogs and cats.

Mission Statement

“Our mission is to help everyone with resources. Have fundraisers and events especially for rescues that live strictly on donations.

To educate the importance of rescuing, spay and neuter, heartworm, shots, and giving a loving home.”

How To Help

If you live near the Kokomo, Indiana area (or even if you don’t) you can always donate items to their cause. Feel free to contact them using their email listed in the contact section below if you feel as though you can provide assistance. If you’re not sure what to donate, they suggest “any products that your cat or dog uses, that shelters and rescues could use also”. This can include: food, bedding, treats, toys, etc.


Upcoming Events

In May 2016, Pawsitively 4 Pets is going to be hosting a Wag & Whiskers Adoption/Vender Event. They’ll be inviting 20+ rescues and shelters, doing a raffle donation to ensure every rescue and shelter leaves with something, and all donations received will be given to rescues and shelters in attendance.
Location: Jackson Morrow Park in Kokomo, Indiana

To keep up with their upcoming events, click here: Pawsitively 4 Pets Events

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