I love pineapples! Every bite reminds me of tropical beaches and daiquiris while watching the lovely sunset. We wonder if dogs think of beaches and running free along the shore while eating pineapples as well. They seem to love it as much as humans do. But should you be sneaking a slice to your furry pal? Of course! Let’s find out why.

The Benefits of a Sweet, Nutritious Pineapple

Bursting with Vitamins such as VItamin C, B6, Thiamin, Niacin, Folate and Riboflavin

We shouldn’t have to tell you that eating pineapples can do you a lot of good. But what you may not know is that pineapples are highly nutritious to dogs as well. While they may not need the Vitamin C as much as you do, our pooches definitely need vitamins such as B6 which keeps severe anemia at bay. Thiamin is essential for metabolism. If your dog is experiencing excessive hair loss, weakness, and refusal to eat, it could be due to Riboflavin deficiency.

Rich in Minerals including Copper, Potassium, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc, and Calcium

Finding mineral-rich food is often a challenge for fur parents. Pineapples are rich in minerals that help your dog’s body function properly. A deficiency in Calcium and Phosphorus can mean bone deformities or skeletal problems. Magnesium is essential because it helps your dog absorb calcium, making way for better muscle and bone development.

To Can or Not to Can, That’s a Pineapple-y Question

“Hey,” you say. “I have a lot of canned pineapples and my dog adores them. Shall I feed him more?” Absolutely not! These fresh pineapple-wannabes might claim to be freshly picked, but would you feed your dogs fruits drenched in sickeningly sweet syrup? We didn’t think so. Sugar is the worst thing you can give to your sweet furballs. It’s toxic, can cause obesity and strange metabolic changes that make them susceptible to a lot of diseases. Forget about the convenience. Canned fruits are not good for dogs.

Pineapple “Core” Issues You Need to Deal With

What parts of the pineapple should you feed your pooch? Definitely not the core as it’s not easily digestible. Hand him some animal ear chew treats to distract him while you chop open that freshly-picked pineapple. If he gets hold of that core, he may be at risk for stomach blockage and may require surgery to remove it. Forget about the skin as well. You wouldn’t touch spiky pineapple skin with a ten-foot pole, so let’s carefully dispose of that pineapple part, along with the core.

The Mysterious Relationship of Pineapples and Poop

The look on our faces when we see our dogs eating poop. It’s distressing! A dog eating his own poop is called Coprophagia and usually associated with behavioral problems. Medically speaking, dogs eat their own feces because of gastrointestinal problems that usually stems from malnutrition, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and parasites.

There’s an old wives tale involving poop and pineapples. Some say feeding pineapples to your poop-eating canine will stop him from doing so. Sadly, you can’t find any scientific evidence that supports this claim. It might apply to some dogs who don’t like the unpleasant smell of their poop after eating pineapples, but most won’t mind and still eat the poop anyway. Coprophagia affects different breeds and sizes. Up to now, poop-eating is still a mystery humans still need to solve.

3 Pineapple Recipes Your Furry Pal Will Love

Pineapple Sweet Potato – Training your dog to become the next “I don’t pee in my human’s bedroom” champion? Lavish him with praise when he pees in the right place. Reward him with a sweet treat like this Pineapple Sweet Potato and you will have him hankering to be a good boy.

Pineapple Dog Biscuits – We hope you won’t be getting your hands in the biscuit jar when you bake your pup these bite-sized goodies. The recipe doesn’t call for added sugar so you can be sure you have a nutritious doggie treat for your furry pal.

Pineapple and Molasses Dog Treats – The recipe calls for canned pineapples, and we’re not too fond of anything unnatural. Just substitute the canned ones for fresh pineapples for a more nutritious snack.


You’re eating pineapples, dreaming of tropical sunsets. Your pooch stares at you with hopeful eyes, hoping for a piece of that sweet, juicy fruit in your hand. By all means, hand him some slices! Just remember that too much of something is not good as well, so don’t give Rover too much. Jazz up pineapple treats with any of the three recipes mentioned or you can simply freeze a few slices for a frozen summer treat.