We are excited to share that this year, Pawstruck is proud to have donated almost $5,000 worth of our Ruff Relief Moisturizing Nose & Paw Balm to the Military Working Dog Team Support Association!

As a nonprofit organization, MWDTSA incredibly organizes and distributes four rounds of care packages a year, using no paid staff or fundraising companies! These care packages come together solely with the generosity of amazing individuals and businesses alike.

Pawstruck has contributed to the support of all military working dogs as well as their handlers by means of MWDTSA’s heartwarming quarterly care packages.

About MWDTSA’s Quarterly Care Packages:

According to MWDTSA, these packages are aimed at lifting the spirits of the dog handlers and help bring a little bit of home while they are so far away. The care packages also contain items hand-selected specifically for their heroic K9 partners that work hard alongside the handlers.

These items include our Ruff Relief, which help protect Military Dog’s paws and nose against harsh environments they may be deployed to. Care packages are lovingly assembled and shipped out to all branches of the military including Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines.

According to MWDTSA’s calculations compiled 200 packages in time for their Independence Day distribution, what a feat!

About Military Working Dog Team Support Association: 

Military Working Dog Team Support Association (MWDTSA), is an amazing nonprofit organization that channels and encourages support from generous individuals, organizations, and businesses to benefit active duty and retired U.S. military working dogs and handlers.

MWDTSA supports courageous dog teams currently deployed in harm’s way through care packages as well as, by promoting veteran dog handler causes and events, by being advocates for retired military working dogs, and through educating the public and raising funds for War Dog Memorials, among other incredible goals.

To date, they have remarkably compiled and distributed over 3,536 quarterly care packages to deployed military working dog teams of all services.

About Pawstruck.com:

Established in 2013, Pawstruck was created to provide pets across the USA with healthy, high-quality, and affordable treats, chews, food and more. We choose products that we feel good about selling so our customers can feel good about buying them.

Pawstruck aims to not only provide high-quality products but to also curate a group of highly knowledgeable people, our Pawstruck Pack, that are available to help you make the best-informed decision for your pets!


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