Season’s greetings from our pet partners to yours! We have teamed up with Redbarn for their Deck the Paws Holiday Giveaway which includes some pawsome pet partners this holiday season. Get to know these beautiful pups and the humans that fill their holiday stockings with cheer!

Kemper, Brinkley, & their hooman Nicole!

Originally from Boston, Kemper and Brinkley are now enjoying the sun, sand, and fun in Florida. The cold days are behind them! These silly dogs are always ready to take a trip to the beach but hate the bath that follows. Kemper loves to lay out in the sun, and Brinkley, being the annoying little sister that she is, loves to jump on him to wake him up to play. They are so great at bitey face!! They both think that cow hooves, peanut butter, and munching on plastic bottles are the best things ever. Their favorite products are Cow Hooves, and Redbarn’s Grain Free Rolled Food!

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Dash, Lexa, Rocca, Blanca, & their hooman Maura!

Dash, Lexa, Rocca, & Blanca are American Bullies living in Kentucky. They love playing, eating, snuggling, belly rubs, and getting treats! These pups also love meeting new people and want to be the center of attention at all times. They are big babies and the perfect pets! These pups love Bully Sticks, the new Redbarn Wildwood Stews, and Peanut Butter Filled Biscuits.

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Murray and his hooman Erin!

Murray is a long-haired, liver and tan German Shepherd. His unique looks pair well with his amazing temperament and love of life. His favorite things include his dirty old soccer ball, frisbee, escaping hugs from his humans, and of course, his Red Barn Braided Bullies! Murray recommends his favorite Braided Bully Sticks.

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Nika, Kira, & their human Katlin!

Nika and Kira are Siberian Huskies living in Wisconsin. They enjoy doing anything and everything outside including daily runs together, hiking at their local state parks, paddle boarding on the lake, attending dog festivals and events such as Bark in the Park, making friends at the dog park, urban dog mushing, and cheering on the Badgers and Packers.

When the weather gets cold, the dog sled comes out and Nika and Kira especially love pulling their owners through the snow or lounging in the freezing temperatures and snow until they are forced to come inside. The best part of this pair is their adventurous and outgoing personalities, which always keep their owners on their toes and laughing. These pups say that there are too many products too choose just one, so why not try them all!

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Kai, Wrangler, & their hooman Rae!

Kai and Wrangler are both dogs who love playtime, walks, and swimming. They are always picking out treats and go first for anything from Redbarn. They are also always trying to get their little human to play fetch with them outside and he loves it. These playful pooches enjoy Cow Ears, Cow Hooves, Dipped Biscuits, and the new Redbarn Wildwood Stews!

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Champ, Tyson, & their hooman Kelly!

Champ is a bed destroying, excessive barking, huskimo (husky/Eski) maniac and Tyson is a toy demolishing, mischief-making, goberian (golden/husky) lunatic. Even though they are crazy they are both very smart and affectionate. These smiling pups love Peanut Butter Filled Bones, and think that they would be the perfect gift for your pup this Holiday Season!

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Rudy, Harley, & their hooman Nicole!

Rudy and Harley are rescue pups from New Jersey. They love Redbarn braided bully sticks, sleeping, playing with tennis balls, and taking photos! Most of all, they love going on adventures with their dog parents. These dapper pups recommend Filled Bones, Braided Bully Sticks, Chew-A-Bulls, and Redbarn Roofles to all of their furry friends out there!

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 Sampson, Keeley & their hooman Mary!

Sammy and Keeley are a pair of Great Pyrenees loving life in North Carolina. These gentle giants enjoy watching over their pig and chicken friends, eating lots of snackies, and taking long naps whenever possible. Sampson and Keeley’s favorite stocking stuffers are Filled Biscuits, Knee Caps, and Knuckle Bones! Yum!

Check them out on Instagram: @PyrLife

Dino, Mia, Bella, & their hooman Ashley!

Hi, my name is Ashley and my 3 pitbull mixes are Dino 10yrs old, Mia 8yrs old, Bella 5yrs old. Our blog is about natural pet products you feel good about feeding. This trio loves Knuckle Bones and Bully Sticks, and we love them!

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