Dogs bring much joy to their owners, so it’s understandable that losing your dog can be traumatic for both you and your dog. But hope is not lost if this happens to you. In fact, there are several ways to increase your chances of finding your dog. Below are some tips to follow to increase your chances of finding a lost dog.

Check Near Your Home

If your dog escapes from your home, chances are high that your dog may still be in your neighborhood. Spend some time searching and calling for your dog when you first discover that your dog is missing. Bring your dog’s favorite treats to entice your dog.

Remember that your dog may also be scared, and thus hesitant to come when called. Reach out to neighbors to see if they’ve seen a pet resembling your dog. If you are part of a neighborhood group on social media or other online communities, post there immediately.

Notify Local Shelters, Veterinarian Offices, and Animal Control

If your dog is lost, contact your local shelter to notify them and ask them to let you know if they find your dog. Provide them with a recent picture and accurate description of your dog.

The person who finds your dog may not know where to take it and could bring it to any of these places. Check with all shelters, veterinarian offices and animal control in your area.

Share on Social Media

If you lose your pet, the more people who know about the lost dog, the more likely it is that your dog will be found and returned to you by someone. Spreading the word greatly increases your chance of being reunited with your dog!

Ask local animal shelters, dog charities, friends, and family to share a photo of your dog. Be sure to share relevant information such as where your dog was last seen, and who to contact if they have any information.

Local shelters and dog charities particularly have a large audience, so contacting each shelter and charity asking them to share your post can be a tremendous help in locating your dog. These organizations’ followers are likely to share the posts as well, increasing your reach even further.

Canvas your Community

Though social media is a great tool to increase your chances of locating your pet, posting missing flyers in your neighborhood and community is just as important to spread the word about your missing dog.

Include a photo, last place your dog was seen, contact information, and any other information that could help the person who finds your dog, such as your dog’s name and their favorite dog treats. Consider reaching out to local media as well.

Prevention is Key

Getting your dog microchipped is a very helpful way to locate your dog if they get lost. If your dog is already microchipped, make sure your contact information is current and that your dog’s microchip is registered.

Be sure to always keep a collar with a tag on your dog as well. It is important so that anyone who finds your lost pet knows that it is a pet and can identify who to contact.

Though it’s normal for dogs to be scared in these situations, training your dog at a young age will help reduce fear-based aggression.

Don’t Give Up

Persistence is key in your search efforts. Get as much help as possible and start spreading the word as soon as you realize your dog is missing.

Utilize all of these resources to increase your chances of reuniting with your pup. The joy and happiness that both you and your dog will experience is unparalleled.  

This guest post was provided by Dogsora