Who doesn’t love nuts? We even watch horror movies with a bowl of nuts to chew on while we wait for the scream-worthy scenes (or at least I do). Then, there’s this wet nose snuggling up to you and seemingly trying to sniff his way into your nut stash. Can your dog eat nuts? It’s a tricky question, but one that needs to be answered.

Are You A Good Nut?

It’s hardly surprising that a lot of fur parents ask if nuts are okay for their beloved pooches. Apparently, there are nuts that are considered to be safe for canine consumption. Here’s the list of safe nuts you can feed to your furry pal:


Just the word seems to spark some excitement and we can’t blame our dogs! Peanuts mean sweet and creamy peanut butter, the kind that gets stuffed into their favorite chew treats. As long as peanuts are not coated, candied or salted and removed from the shells, your dog is safe eating a few of this tasty snack.


These nuts are best roasted if you have to give them to your dogs. Chestnuts are good for our canine. However, go a little easy on these festive treats if Fido has a little paunch. Roasted chestnuts are high in fat and too much can also make your furkid’s tummy ache.


Bigger breeds can eat hazelnuts without any problem. But if you have small dogs, it’s best to watch them while they’re eating this delicious treat. Hazelnuts are easily swallowed whole and can pose as a choking hazard or stomach blockage.

Oh, Nuts! Dogs Can’t Eat That

There’s a whole lot of nuts your dogs can’t eat especially if they have weight and health issues. So, what kind of nuts should you avoid giving to your dogs?


It’s hard for dogs to resist the enticing flavors of almonds. But you should keep these tasty treats away from them. Although they’re not toxic, it’s still best to avoid giving them to our pooches as these are hard to digest and can cause tummy upset.


Do you love pecan pies? You can have the whole pie to yourself, but don’t give even a small dollop to your dog. Pecans contain a substance called aflatoxin that causes liver damage to canines. If your furkid discovers some moldy pecans, be aware. These pecans can cause seizures and neurological problems in dogs.


These nuts not only cause stomach upset and blockage, they’re also toxic to our furry pals. Pistachios also contain aflatoxin, the same toxic substance found in pecans that are produced by fungi. Aflatoxicosis poisoning (a symptom of eating food that’s contaminated by aflatoxin) causes cirrhosis and carcinoma of the liver.

Macadamia Nuts

If you like these delectable treats, make sure to eat where your dogs can’t get even a little piece. Comparable to the toxicity of grapes and raisins, macadamia nuts are known to cause fever, weakness, tremors in the hind legs and vomiting. Keep these toxic nuts away from your dogs at all cost!


Any type of walnut (English, Japanese and Black) can cause seizures. Walnuts contain fungi called tremorgenic mycotoxins that are toxic and can cause neurological problems and intestinal issues.


Nutty Points To Remember

In a nutshell, it’s best to just avoid the nuts mentioned in the list that dogs have to steer clear of. Although some of those mentioned are not entirely toxic, they can still cause weight problems as nuts are usually high in fat. Prolonged eating of these treats can also cause a myriad of illnesses such as urinary tract infections, pancreatitis, and digestive problems. Just in case your dog got his paws on a nut or two on the not-safe-to-eat list, contact your veterinarian right away.