Dogs are curious creatures. They like to try anything they can get their paws on. From rawhide chews to bully sticks, you’re sure to find your furry pals chewing on something. When it comes to snacking on treats, there’s a variety of human food that our furry pals can eat as well. Dogs love fruits such as bananas and mangos. But we sometimes worry if we should be giving them our favorite fresh treats. Blueberries, for example, pop up just anywhere and grow in most gardens. It’s not surprising to see your curious dogs eating them in the backyard.

“Will blueberries make my dog sick?” You ask.

They won’t. But like every food, it’s important to eat in moderation. Find out why it’s okay to be feeding blueberries to your pet.

Top 3 Reasons Blueberries Are Good For Your Dogs

One of the things we always look out for when giving our fur kids food is their nutritional value. Aside from exercise and regular visits to their vets, we provide them with food that will boost their health to keep them happy and comfortable. Happy furkid, happy life!

Dogs love eating sweet treats like blueberries. Fortunately for us, they’re not only delicious, they’re a healthy snack option as well.

1. Fiber

When fiber comes to mind, it’s usually about fiber not having any nutrient value. But you may not know it that it’s essential to the digestive process. Pets who do not have enough fiber in their diet may experience constipation and diarrhea. There’s a lot of food you can give to your furkid that contains fiber and blueberries are one of them.

2. Low in Sugar

Did you know that there is high sugar content in some of the kibbles you’re giving to your dog? Too much sugar will make your dog sick. Blueberries are low in sugar and if you’re looking for some bite-size snacks for your dog, this is a better option than those unhealthy treats you usually grab off the shelf.

3. Rich in Antioxidants

Like humans, it’s important for pets to have antioxidant-rich food in their diet. Free radicals can outnumber the natural antioxidants in our body, which can lead to serious illnesses. Give your dogs disease-fighting food like blueberries to help them stay healthy.

Give your furkid blueberries instead of cherries! They’re safer and more nutritious.

How To Feed Blueberries To Your Fur Kid

Is this the first time you’re feeding blueberries to your dog? Don’t give him a bowl all at once. Though generally safe, blueberries can give your dog an upset tummy if he’s not used to eating them. Start out with 2 to 3 pieces and see how it goes. If there’s no sign of diarrhea or ear inflammation, you can give him more.

Fur parents with blueberry bushes in their garden may have to put up a fence to keep your fur kids from eating every blueberry in sight. Too many blueberries, even if they’ve had them before, can give them an upset tummy, so make sure they’re eating in moderation.

Healthy Blueberry Dog Treat Recipes

It’s not easy to find healthy snacks for your dogs in the grocery aisle. Try looking at some of their packages and you’ll find strange sounding ingredients that can be a bit scary. Homemade recipes that require less than 10 ingredients are easy to make, even if you’re not the Master Chef. Plus, you can easily adjust the recipe to your doggie heart’s desire.

Ready to put on your baker’s cap? Here are some delicious blueberry dog treat recipes that your dog will surely love:

Blueberry Oatmeal Dog Treats – Just as we should avoid gluten-laden food, our dogs should do. This special treat is gluten-free.

4-Ingredient Blueberry Dog Treats – If you’re looking for treats that require just a couple of ingredients (well, four to be exact), then this delish treat is for your pooch.

Peanut Butter-Blueberry Treats – You can’t go wrong with a peanut butter and blueberry combo. Two of your dog’s most favorite food to eat are in this homemade delight.

Blueberry Crunch – You’ll find oats, honey, and blueberries in this easy to do doggie treat. We can’t help but smack our lips as well!

Safety Reminders Before You Go

Ensuring our pets stay in tiptop shape is in our hands. As with any treats, we highly recommend supervision as these small berries could be a choking hazard. Always check with your vet about the proper portion sizes for your pets, especially if they have weight issues. Any change in your dog’s diet can give him digestive problems, so it’s important not to overwhelm him all at once with different fruit snacks.

Now that you know that blueberries are safe to give to your dogs, go ahead and put some in the freezer for a refreshingly crunchy treat. Don’t forget to reward Fido with some baked goods for being such a good dog!