For dogs, there is more to your health than just physical fitness, it's important to take care of your mental health too. It can be difficult adjusting to weird human habits and that's what I'm here for. I want to help put you at ease and explain how to handle human invention during the holiday season.

1. Krismas tree

Depending on your human, your bedroom might have a giant tree in it for about a month. Why is there a giant tree and why can’t we pee on it? I dozed off when my human was explaining, but the point is that you’re not supposed to mark your territory on it. Also, you’re not supposed to bark at the shiny, blinking things or try and eat them. Definitely don’t eat the shiny silver things or the round things hanging on it, those are not new chew toys. From what I understand, it’s just a giant tease and you handle this object by not doing anything to it. The video below shows the extent of what you can do.

2. Prezents

In addition to the big tree, your human will probably put shiny boxes under there. You are also not allowed to eat or play or do anything fun with those. Definitely don’t chew on them, the human will get upset and start talking about stores and reseits. Also, relocating or opening the tightly wrapped boxes is not helpful apparently. How are you supposed to handle these? Very similar to the tree, do nothing. Even the video below is doing too much.

3. New Yeers Eve Firewerks

My human calls the loud barking in the sky, “firewerks”. She says that I have nothing to worry about even though it sounds like the sky is exploding. I usually trust my human (except for that one visit to the vet), but I’m a little skeptical here. It’s true the world hasn’t ended after the loud barking…but you never know. How do you handle this? You’ve just gotta hide away and hope your human is there to cuddle. If your human wants tips to help you out during these tough times, they can read some fireworks pet safety tips here. When it comes to hiding, be sure to take note of friends that are professionals at it, like in the video below.

4. Stawkings

When you see the giant sock hanging over the fire your first instinct will be to save it, don’t. human says that they’re called “stawckings” and are used to hold tiny prezents. The same rules seem to apply, though, you can’t do anything fun with them. You’re not even allowed to touch the one with your name on it. How do you handle these? Same as the tree and prezents, don’t touch. Even if you’re really excited like in the video below, still can’t touch it until krismas. Humans are weird.

5. Howliday party

Your human might be hosting a party this month, they may or may not invite you to it. If you’re separated to a different room, there’s not much you can do but play with your toys and catch up on your naps. If your human does invite you to the party, do not try and steal food. It’s tempting, but resist the urge. What should you do then? Find the little humans and stick with them, they’re your best bet for getting some human food. Look how well it worked in the video below!

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