Turkey day is upon us, and all we can think to say is gobble, gobble! We’ve rounded up all the must-know information for you to have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving with your dog.

Learn about Thanksgiving human food for dogs, recommended dog foods perfect for the holiday, and last but not least our Thanksgiving stress relief tips.

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What Thanksgiving Food Can Dogs Eat?

If you’re like many people on Thanksgiving, you will no doubt have leftovers. You may even feel tempted to share those leftovers with your pup, but before you do be aware of the do’s and don’ts of Thanksgiving food for dogs.

Safe Thanksgiving Food For Dogs

Do give your pup (plain) carrots. We have detailed all of the benefits of carrots in our Carrots Good for Dogs post, but they can be a great source of Vitamin A for your pup. Carrots can be given cooked or raw. Void giving carrots with sugar or spices; plain carrots provide plenty of flavor for your dog.

Do share those yummy potatoes with your pup! As long as they are plain and cooked, they are safe for your pup to eat. This goes for both white and sweet potatoes. Take note: raw potatoes are not healthy for your dog and could cause more harm than good.

Do give your pup some pumpkin puree! Pumpkin can be extremely healthy for dogs, as long as it is plain and does not contain any spices or additives. More info on this can be found in our Pumpkin for Dogs post.

Some other foods that you can give to your pup for a Thanksgiving Dinner are turkey (with no skin, fat, or bones), unsweetened cranberry sauce and green beans!

Bad Thanksgiving Foods For Dogs

Don’t give your dog anything with onions or garlic, as the harsh acids in the food can cause your pup some serious stomach pains.

Don’t give your pup any type of chocolate. You may want to share some chocolate pie with your pup but chocolate is extremely poisonous to dogs. Avoid, avoid, avoid!

Don’t give your pet anything which contains Xylitol. Xylitol is a sugar replacement which has become a new favorite in the human world but is extremely dangerous for dogs. Save yourself and your pup the pain, and check any labels for Xylitol before giving anything to your pup.

The Best Dog Thanksgiving Dinner

Concerned about what Thanksgiving foods are safe for dogs? Be safe and opt for a nice Thanksgiving dog food! Here are our suggestions for the perfect doggie thanksgiving dinner:

Redbarn Duck & Turkey Pate Canned Dog Food

Redbarn’s Duck & Turkey Pate Canned Dog Food is a Thanksgiving meal of TurDucken in dog food form. Full of healthy and natural ingredients, this yummy meal is sure to make your pup thankful for the holiday. As an all-natural dog food you can feel safe and thankful knowing that your pup can enjoy a nice meal on this happy holiday!

Redbarn Turkey Stew Canned Dog Food

We all know that Thanksgiving is centered about around one major food item… TURKEY! With Redbarn’s Turkey Stew Canned Dog Food, your pooch can get in on all the turkey action. This stew is made up of Thanksgiving favorites like turkey, egg whites, cranberries, and sweet potatoes. When you sit down and carve your turkey, don’t forget to give pop open your pups’ can of Redbarn Turkey Stew Canned Dog Food.

Redbarn Turkey Pate Canned Dog Food

Can someone say gobble till you wobble? Redbarn’s Turkey Pate Canned Dog Food is filled with gobbley goodness. This healthy digestion formula food is filled with turkey, dandelion greens, peas, and carrots. This turkey treat is sure to make your pup feel right at home, and most importantly completely immersed in this holiday season. Your pooch is sure to gobble this meal up!

Holiday Stress Relief

While we all love the family, friends, and delicious food that Thanksgiving brings, it can also be a very hectic time! Did you know that your pup can feel that stress too? In the midst of all the hussle and bustle, your pup might feel overwhelmed or forgotten about.

If you want to keep your pup calm and happy on Turkey Day, we recommend taking them for a nice long walk and then giving them a chew to settle down with to relieve some of their anxieties. Our 100% all-natural beef Bully Sticks will definitely do the trick!  Our bully sticks can help your pup stay calm amongst the frenzy, and they help support healthy teeth. Double Win! Learn more about the Benefits of Bully Sticks.

Another great option is a Filled Bone, which is a great Made in America dog chew. Want to learn more? Check out our guide to the Benefits of Filled Bones For Dogs. These stuffed dog bones come in many different flavors so you can find one that is just what your dog likes. Not sure what flavor to get? Try a Filled Dog Bone Variety Pack!

**Keep in mind: If your pup is protective with bones and chews, you may want to give them the chew in a secluded place so that they do not feel threatened and can enjoy their well-deserved chew in peace.

This Thanksgiving is sure to be one that your pup will remember, and by following our Ultimate Guide to Thanksgiving for dogs, it may even become their favorite holiday yet! We wish you and your pup a day filled with family, friends, and the best food around!

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