A faithful companion, the Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dogs in the United States. 

Even-tempered, loyal and playful, these gentle souls make wonderful family dogs. Labs are pleasant, kind and outgoing. These devoted dogs are either yellow, chocolate or black.

Labs are very easy to be around. They are even a good match for young children and the elderly. Labs do very well as service animals and are used as screening dogs.

The Labrador originated in Canada.  They average between 55-90 pounds.  Labradors shed their dense, short coat two times annually and their coat is actually partially waterproof.  This coat and their webbed toes allow them to be excellent swimmers! Most Labs love the water!

For those considering a puppy, know that puppyhood lasts a long time for these lovable animals- up to three years! Lab Puppies, while beautiful and lovable, can often have a lot of energy. Some people even feel that they act hyperactive at times and overly enthusiastic. While Labradors become a wonderful companion as they mature, their puppy behavior is boisterous and wild so be ready to train them.

There are some common health issues associated with Labradors.  They can suffer from hip and elbow dysplasia, knee problems and tumors (both mast cell and fatty).  Labs also have veracious appetites and can easily pack on the pounds. Obesity is a real issue for these dogs. Their food intake should be monitored closely so that they do not develop health related problems if they are overweight!

Labradors are the perfect addition to any household. Their pleasant disposition and devotion to their family make them a joy to have around. This larger breed is sweet and affectionate, willing to love anyone they come into contact with. It is no wonder they continue to be one of the most popular dog breeds year after year.

Adorable Lab Puppies