Our customer review this week comes from Serlin about our Cow Ears.

These are for my 65lbs pointer/hound mix MikaClick here to read a Pawstruck's customer review of our Cow Ears!

These are for my 65lbs pointer/ hound mix Mika. She loves the cow ears and for that I am happy. The first time I bought from Pawstruck off Amazon the ears were pretty much uniform in size. This time I do notice however, that some of the ears are at least half the size of others. It’s understandable since this is not a product that rolled off the production line according to factory specs, but is it possible to establish somewhat of a ballpark range? It takes less than 2 minutes for Mika to polish off a small one. And there are others that do not have the cartilage included (thick part closest to the skull), which is what takes her the longest to go through. For her to go through the “ear flap” is like watching a human eat a piece of giant potato chip. She does LOVE it and it’s highly entertaining to watch her enjoy it as her head bobs up down left and right with all that vigorous chewing, but yeah, I would love for them to last just longer.

With all that said, this is an awesome company and I am a repeat customer. Prices for other chews such as elk antlers seem competitive as well so those are definitely on my list for the next order.

Thank you Serlin! It can be frustrating to have different sizes since it is a natural item and sizes will vary, but we’re glad to hear that Mika loves them regardless. Thank you for being a great customer and the kind words!

We also love our Cow Ears because they:

  • Are a low fat alternative to traditional pig ears
  • Have a natural and yummy beef flavor that dogs love
  • Are a one ingredient item that is completely digestible
  • Are made in the USA

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