Has anyone ever told you that cooking food, strips your furkid’s meals of all their nutritional value? It’s actually a misconception and this myth has been going around probably because pet owners discovered that most commercial dry dog food in the market are overprocessed, stripping the food of its nutrients.

Not all dry dog food, however, is overprocessed. Some brands still make sure that they only offer products that are all-natural, without synthetic nutrients, free from coloring and artificial flavoring. These pet foods adhere to strict standards during production and are made with high-quality human grade ingredients.

Unfortunately, with top grade quality also comes the hefty price. This is the very reason why fur parents consider switching to homemade meals for their dogs. But is cooking for your pooch a good idea? Let’s take a look at the benefits your dog gets from home-cooked meals.

You Know What Your Dog is Eating

Are you tired of the usual guessing games when it comes to figuring out what’s listed on the packaging? Most of these low quality pet foods have fillers such as corn and have minimal nutritional value for your dogs. Not only that, but some also have an abundance of preservatives that can wreak havoc on your pet’s health.

Taking the time to cook for your dog means you know exactly what ingredients you’re including in his meal. Not only are you including fresh ingredients, but you’re also free from wondering what exactly is in those mysterious kibbles.

Adds Variety to Your Furkid’s Diet

Switching to home cooked meals is a wonderful choice especially if you have fussy dogs. If you have a pet who tends to play with his food more than actually eat it, chances are he’s tired of the usual choices. Turkey, chicken, beef…you’ve certainly tried to put more variety in his meals, but nothing comes close to a hearty meal you prepared yourself. You can include his favorite human food such as eggs, boiled potatoes, peanut butter, brown rice or quinoa (if he’s not allergic to grains), steamed vegetables, fruits and fish. Not only will you have a less fussy pooch, but you’ll also have a healthier, happier dog.

Your Dog is Less Prone to Allergies

If your poor dog has allergies and other health concerns, it’s most likely linked to his food intake. Allergies can be a nightmare! The incessant scratching, whining, hot spots, angry red rashes…these are only some of the symptoms of allergies in dogs. Fillers are the number one culprits that cause itching and rashes.

A diet based on fresh food can easily eliminate your dog’s skin problems. You can choose from food that’s rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids, those that are rich in protein, or ingredients that can help boost his immunity. Freshly cooked food plus your love and care can lead to a better quality life for your pets.

No Harmful Additives or Coloring

Just like with humans, food with preservatives and synthetic nutrients is detrimental to your pet’s health. These pet foods can make them overweight and at a huge risk of life-threatening health issues. Marketing can often get in the way of deciding what’s best for your furkid. Cheap commercial pet food, for instance, may have poor quality ingredients.

The important-sounding ingredients on the packaging might also give you a false sense of security, thinking that these contribute to your pet’s wellbeing. Some common ingredients that are not good for your dog include gluten, corn syrup, sodium nitrate, soy, and vegetable oil. Food color such as red 40 and blue 2 are linked to allergic reactions and cancer.

The ideal meal for your dog should be minimally processed with human grade ingredients. The only way to fully achieve that is to cook for your dog. If you have to use dry dog food, make sure to check the packaging for those sinister sounding ingredients mentioned above.

Longer, Fuller Life For Your for Fido

Every pet owner wishes to be with their dogs for as long as possible. The average life expectancy of large breed dogs is 8 to 10 years. Smaller breeds can live longer than 11 years. Did you know that by switching to home cooked meals for your furkid, you can extend their lifespan 20% longer?

Fresh food can improve your dog’s health significantly and lower the risk of diseases. Humans are advised not to eat processed food. The same goes for our dogs! Not only should you choose pet food that’s minimally processed, but you should also make sure their treats are completely natural, single-ingredient chews without additives.

The Bottom Line

Your dogs deserve pet food that’s digestible, promotes his general health, all-natural and free from additives. With home cooked meals, you can choose high quality, human grade ingredients that can help him live a full, happy life. Just make sure to stick to human food that isn’t toxic to your furbabies!

What’s your furkid’s favorite food? Do you have a meal recipe you’d like to share with us? We’d love to hear from you. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.