Here at Pawstruck, we understand the importance of sourcing high-quality natural products. Which is why we make it a priority to source the best quality American made dog treats and toys, emphasizing both sourced and made in the USA. All of the following USA made dog treats are full of benefits with the flavor your pooch prefers!

Cow Ears

Amade in America cow ears furry-fan-favorite! These red, white and blue sourced treats are loved by dogs all over the country. People love the low price and low-calorie qualities of the American made cow ear chew. Unlike your cell phone or favorite pair of shoes, each Pawstruck cow ear is natural. You may be wondering, “are cow ears digestible?” or “are cow ears safe for dogs?” Yes, they are! Cow Ears for dogs or puppies are a 100% digestible dog treat for your furry friend. Try Redbarn’s Bully Coated Cow Ears for a fun flavored cow ear.

Cow Hooves

Sourced from high-quality cattle, our cow hooves are made in the USA and give your four-legged friend that irresistible beef flavor he craves. These American cow hooves for dogs are hand trimmed after thoroughly cleaning and slow cooking to lock in their tasty all natural flavor. We offer both plain cow hooves and filled cow hooves like Redbarn’s Peanut Butter Filled Cow Hooves.

Pig Snoutsmade in usa pig snout

Don’t let the odd look of these steer you away from a great American made all-natural safe treat for dogs. Dogs love these American pork treats which are low in fat and high-protein chews. Perfect for your pup to enjoy while improving their dental health through the mechanical action of chewing.

Pig Ears

Since pork products have a long history of health and safety concerns, we only provide Made in the USA pig ears from trusted American sources. These made in American pork chews are carefully slow roasted in their own juices. Our American pig ears are available smoked, roasted, puffed, and sliced.

White Bones

With many great options from Small Peanut Butter filled bones to the White Knuckle Bones you will only find top notch bones for dogs made in the USA at Pawstruck. Not sure what kind of bone you’re looking for? Browse our entire collection of American made dog bones to find the perfect bone for your dog.

Meaty Bonesamerican dog bones - meaty bones

Our Meaty Dog Bones are made in the USA with the utmost love and care to give your pooch a blast of flavor she’ll absolutely love. Our team of doggie chefs slow roasts each meaty bone in the oven to soak up that delicious flavor, giving your pooch an irresistible treat she’ll love to chew. We leave the good stuff on these dog bones to give your pup a blast of yummy flavor that will keep her chewin’ all day long.

Bully Slices

Redbarn Bully Slices have been one of the most popular treats for years. It makes sense as they are: American Made; Packed full of nutrients; Ideal for all dog sizes; Support dental health; Contain the delicious bully flavor dogs can’t get enough of! Now available in French Toast, Vanilla, and Peanut Butter Flavors

Bully Nuggets

Redbarn’s Bully Nuggets are premium healthy American made dog treats. With beef lung, chicken cartilage and bully sticks made in USA to create a protein rich treat that supports joint health. No need to worry about any sort of artificial junk in these dog treats — when you choose Redbarn Bully Nuggets, you choose authentic deliciousness, just the way nature intended.

True Chews Chicken Jerky

Let your pups enjoy American made dog jerky treats they’ll love with your mind at ease knowing these scrumptious chicken dog treats made in USA and are sourced from farm-raised American chickens. These natural dog treats contain no corn, wheat, soy, animal by-products, or preservatives. Chicken Jerky Fillets are a healthy and tasty dog treat that your dog will love.

Dipped Biscuits

Redbarn Dipped Biscuits Dog Treats Made in AmericaDogs love dog biscuits like kids love ice cream. The difference is these Redbarn dipped biscuits are healthy American made dog treats with added superfood functional ingredients to support joint health. So what are you waiting for, treat your pup with the different Flavors like Cheese n’ Bacon or Peanut Butter available in Small and Large.
This just scratches the service of our American Made Dog Treats, if you sniff a little deeper you will find many more! We also carry many healthy, safe dog treats from U.S. grade sources in Paraguay and New Zealand. Only the best for our pups and yours!