Whether you’re a longtime purchaser of deer antlers for dogs or are considering deer and elk antlers for the first time, you’re in the right place! Many dogs love antlers and plenty of pet parents swear by them, but it’s important to learn a little more antlers and decide if they are the right option for your dog.

Are Antlers Safe for Dogs?

If you’re looking for a long lasting chew, antlers can be a good choice. Antlers are a durable chew for dogs. It’s important to pick the right chew based on your dogs chew style. Antlers are best for passive to moderate chewers, who prefer gnawing on rather than completely consuming their chews.

For powerful or aggressive chewers, we would recommend a digestible chew like our long lasting Monster Bully Stick Braid.

While rare, there is a possibility of cracking when chewing a deer antler or elk antler dog treat. Because of this, we recommend supervision while feeding your pet naturally shed antlers. If cracking occurs or only a swallowable piece remains, please discard.

These natural dog treats are free of any and all additives and preservatives to give your pooch the safest and tastiest chewing experience possible.

Your veterinarian is the person most qualified to give you recommendations specific to your dog and your situation, so don’t hesitate to give them a call if you have concerns!

What Are the Benefits Of Deer Antlers for Dogs? Why Do Dogs Like Antlers?

These hard dog chews can help scrape away plaque buildup to improve your dog’s dental hygiene. Plus, chewing is a super healthy behavior In itself — in fact, it’s a natural stress reliever, so your pup will be super happy when he has something so tasty to chew!

Shed elk and deer antlers are full of nutrients, like calcium and phosphorus, that many dogs find appealing.

How Are Antlers Made? What Kind of Antlers Are Available?

All the antlers sold on Pawstruck.com come from wild, free-roam elk. We use only antlers that are shed naturally, so no harm comes to the animal. After they are collected, our Antlers are cleaned and heat treated.

We carry antlers in a variety of sizes and offer two styles— split or whole. Split antlers are cut lengthwise down the center to expose the spongy marrow. Whole antlers are longer lasting but have limited access to the center marrow. Whether you choose the extremely durable Solid Antlers or the split Center Cut antlers with easier access to the marrow, your dog will love this delectable natural chew.

Can Puppies Have Antlers? Are Deer Antlers Good For Puppies?

Antlers can be a good chew for puppies, but you will want to be sure to find the right size. Choose an antler that is slightly larger than the mouth of your pup. The size will provide them a challenge by being a little large, while also minimizing any choking risks. See our entire selection of naturally shed antlers here.

Can Senior Dogs Have Antlers? Are Deer Antlers Safe for Older Dogs?

We don’t recommend antlers for older dogs because they are at an increased risk for cracked teeth. For senior dogs, we would recommend a product like our bully sticks or beef esophagus springs.

How Long Do Antlers Last? Best Storage Tips For Keeping Them Fresh.

Our Antlers have a shelf life of 36 months (3 years), so feel free to stock up on them! At Pawstruck we offer bulk buying discounts, so the more you purchase the cheaper the per piece price is. For items like our Jumbo Split Antler Dog Chew, even buying just 3 antlers will have you 5%! 

How To Choose The Right Antler For Your Dog?

Which antler is right for your dog really depends on their preferences and how durable a chew you are looking for.

Our Split Antler Dog Chews are slightly less durable than our Solid Antler Dog Chews. We cut these ones down the center to expose that mineral-rich marrow that dogs love so much. Preference depends on the dog, so feel free to buy both for your dog and see which one she likes best!

Still have questions about antlers or how to “chews” the right treat for your dog? Give us a call at 1(800) 715-4955. Our product specialists are more than happy to provide suggestions. If not, feel free to browse our entire line of antlers.