Our dog treat review of the week comes from Elizabeth about our Beef Tendon Dog Chews.

My 4-Legged Kids Love ThemClick here to read a Pawstruck customer's review of our Beef Tendon Dog Chews.

My 2 4-legged kids have a great time with the beef tendon dog chews, and with just one per week for each of them, one Aussie (Laddie) and one Llewellin Setter (Dot), their teeth get an excellent cleaning. The service at Pawstruck is great, the price is reasonable, and the chews arrive quickly. I’m so glad I discovered Pawstruck. Thank-you!

Thank you for taking the time to review our Beef Tendons, Elizabeth! For other all-natural, single-ingredient beef dog treats, check out our: Beef Esophagus Springs, Medium Beef Esophagus StrapsLarge Beef Esophagus Straps, and variety of Bully Sticks.

We also love our Beef Tendon Dog Chews because they:

  • Are a single-ingredient, all-natural dog chew
  • Have a high protein and low fat content
  • Are 100% digestible

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