How Cats Make Our Lives Better

  1. They keep your heart healthy

    While owning any pet is beneficial to your health, owning a cat, in particular, is good for your heart’s health. Cats have been shown to decrease your stress levels and in turn, decrease the amount of anxiety you experience in your daily life. Due to this having a precious cat in your life can actually lower your risk of various heart diseases, including stroke, by around 30 percent!

  2. Cats are a natural immunity booster

    Exposing yourself to pet dander, via your cat, forces your immune system to work hard which in turn increases your resistance to allergins and other irritants. Not to mention it also decreases your own risk for developing allergies and asthma. The benefits are even bigger if you have a child under one in the house as early exposure to pets will protect against various allergies including pet allergies.

  3. Who doesn’t love a good nights rest?

    According to various studies conducted in the UK, people not only prefer to sleep with a cat than with a human but also find they get a better night’s rest when choosing to cuddle up next to their furry companion. Mayo Clinic Center for Sleep Medicine further proved this with a study they conducted, where 41% of people indicated they slept better because of their pet, with only 21% finding their pet to be a disturbance to their sleep.


  4. Meow it out with your cat

    People, going through a difficult time in their life, have found comfort in having a companion to talk to and work out their feelings. Often times it is easier to talk to something that can listen and show you attention without being able to respond or show judgment. Plus you don’t risk receiving bad advice in the process!


  5. Your social skills increase with a cat by your side

    Cat owners on average tend to be quiet and introverted. Having a cat not only provides owners from being alone all the time but can prove to be a great conversation starter. Cat moms and dads love talking about their furbabies and this, in turn, can enhance the owner’s own ability to socialize with others. As an added bonus cat owners are seen as empathetic, a quality many look for in friends.

  6. Cat videos are good for you

    According to a study, viewing videos of precious cats has proven to be beneficial to us. These videos boost our positive emotions, gives us an energy bump, and decreases negative feelings. Next time your boss catches you viewing a video of a cat walking with mittens, just let them know you’re taking time for some self-care!

History of Domestic Cats

The domestication of cats occurred over 12,000 years ago! According to a study in the research journal Science, all domestic cats descended from a Middle Eastern wildcat, Felis Sylvestris, meaning  ‘cat of the woods’.

Cats were domesticated after dogs when Ancient Egyptians began to settle down. They helped control the mice population and keep crops safe. Humans loved the free pest control and cats loved all the free food!

Cats were so beloved that ancient Egyptians would impose the death penalty for killing them, and when they did die, cats would be mummified before their burial.

In a way ancient cats sort of domesticated themselves. In a very cat manner, they simply invited themselves into the lives of humans and have been there ever since.

Over time as certain traits were favored over others, cats adapted and multiplied resulting in the dozens of cat breeds we know and love today!

In the U.S., currently, cats surpass dogs in popularity coming in at a whopping 90 million domesticated cats roaming around in about 34% of U.S. homes.

 Different types of Domestic Cats

With so many cats in the world, it’s no wonder the vast number of breeds there are to choose from! From big to small, hairy to hairless we have compiled a list of cat breeds that will give you insight and help you learn more about these precious felines.

This list shows you the unique personalities and character traits that came to create all the cats of the world. Start your feline education with this alphabetical cat breed list!

Just like the breeds of the world, this list is always growing and changing. If you don’t see your favorite cat breed info here, let us know! We would love to add more cat breeds to our list.

Abyssinian “Aby”
Origin: Egypt
Lifespan: 14-15 years
Max Size: 10 Pounds
Personality: Intelligent, independent, energetic, and affectionate this cat is perfect for a household with children
Fun Fact: There is probably no breed anywhere more loyal than the Aby, they will very quickly win over your heart and become your best friend in the process.

American Shorthair
Origin: United States
Lifespan: 15-17 years
Max Size: 15 Pounds
Personality: Curious, easy going, affectionate, and playful feline is always up for some playtime followed by some good long belly rubs.
Fun Fact: Nicknamed “working cats” they were originally bred for the sole purpose of catching mice and other rodents.

Photo by Mikhail Vasilyev on Unsplash

Origin: France
Lifespan: 14-15 years
Max Size: 10 Pounds
Personality: Gentle, kind, loving, and sociable you’ll never feel alone with a Birman around!
Fun Fact: They are quite the helpful feline, willing to follow you around and be a part of whatever your doing whether that’s making the bed, doing laundry, or working from home you can count on a Birman to be right there beside you.

Origin: United States
Lifespan:12-16 years
Max Size: 18 Pounds
Personality: curious and athletic they maintain a kitten-like energy well into their senior years! Best part they are generally confident and tend to get along well with others.
Fun Fact: Bengals need frequent social interaction, so expect a lot of playdates with these social butterflies!


Origin: United State
Lifespan: 14-16 years
Max Size: 12 Pounds
Personality: Affectionate, demanding, interactive, and best of all these furballs are known for their unconditional loyalty.
Fun Fact: They are also known as Foreign Longhairs and were believed to be extinct in the 1960s before resurfacing later on!

Egyptian Mau
Origin: Egypt
Lifespan: 18-20 years
Max Size: 14 Pounds
Personality: Agile, intelligent, loyal, and playful these felines are known to be very curious and extremely outgoing when within their own territory.
Fun Fact: Even though they have championship status since 1968, they are actually a rare breed.

Origin: United States/United Kingdom
Lifespan: 9-15 years
Max Size: 15-18 Pounds
Personality: Dependent, gentle, quiet, and intelligent these cats easily become dependent on their pet parents.
Fun Fact: The Himalayan is a mixture of a Persian and Siamese cat with distinctive blue eyes. Also known as Colorpoint Persian, Himalayan Persian, and Siamese-Persian.

Japanese Bobtail
Origin: Japan
Lifespan:14-16 years
Max Size: 10 Pounds
Personality: lively, loyal, outgoing, and most of all happy is what best describes these playful felines
Fun Fact: These cats enjoy playing a good game of fetch or soccer!

Maine Coon
Origin: United States
Lifespan: 10-15 years
Max Size: 9 Pounds
Personality: independent, intelligent, gentle, great around almost anybody whether kids or other pets.
Fun Fact: The Main Coon is also known as “The Gentle Giant”, how adorable!

Origin: Iran
Lifespan: 10-15 years
Max Size: 14 Pounds
Personality: gentle, sensitive, quiet, playful but never demanding, they are creatures of habit.
Fun Fact: Persian felines love to pose and will drape themselves in a favorite window or chair, adding to the room decor!

Origin: United States
Lifespan: 13-16 years
Max Size: 17 pounds
Personality: Affectionate, intelligent, sociable, loyal, and rather curious they don’t tend to be scared when meeting new people.
Fun Fact: Unlike most domestic cats, the Pixie-bobs matures well into its fourth year of life!

Russian Blue
Origin: Russia
Lifespan: 10-16 years
Max Size: 11 Pounds
Personality: easy going, intelligent, playful, and fiercely loyal
Fun Fact: Another name for the Russian Blue cat is Archangel Cat or Archangel Blue

Origin: Canada
Lifespan: 12-14 years
Max Size: 12 Pounds
Personality: gentle, quiet, friendly, and they are known to be clutz sometimes especially when trying to get some attention!
Fun Fact: Sphynx are not always entirely hairless, there are different degrees of “hairlessness” with some Sphynx having fur with a peach fuzz like feel.

Cats Being Jerks

As cute and adorable as they are, sometimes cats can be real meanies! While at the time these may not be the funniest of moments, looking back on them has been known to cause a chuckle or two. You’ve been warned!

“Oh. You mean you were about to apply deodorant and are already running late? Tragic.”

“What do you mean this box isn’t mine? I’m here playing with it, aren’t I?”

“I have no idea why the dog is scared of boxes now. None at all”

On the other hand….

the universe comes along and thankfully brings balance back into the world

In the greatest funniest way possible too. So take that you precious graceful, yet somehow clumsy, felines that we love so much!