Teaching a dog new commands can be invigorating both physically and emotionally not only to the dog but also to the owner. There are diverse and easy ways on how to teach a dog commands by handing out treats.

Teaching your dog commands can be a fulfilling exercise!

There are numerous advantages of teaching your dog commands. What is most important is to be mindful by incorporating a compassionate and reward oriented approach to teaching. This way, the dog and its owner end up spending quality time together, therefore, strengthening their relationship.

Command teaching leads to improved health as the dogs stretch and run hence toning their muscles and increasing stamina. It is also important to take care of the dog’s health. You can do so by choosing the best dog food for sensitive stomachs. Though let’s get back to dog training.

Below are 5 commands that you can teach your dog:

1)   Sit Command

The most basic dog command!

It is necessary for every dog to be familiar with this command as it is the most basic and easy to teach. The best way to teach your dog this command is by conditioning your dog through rewards in the form of treats every time he obeys your command. Doing this severally enables your dog to master this command.

2)   Lay Down

Sit boy!

This command can be taught in a similar manner as “sit” this is because they are both basic. You can make it more interesting by introducing dog commands hand signals. Start by holding a treat in your hand, hold your fingers, point to your chest and lastly do a diagonal sweep downwards.

3)   Leave It

Teaching your dog to stay

This is one of the advanced dog training commands. This is not to be confused with the “no” since “leave it” is used to prevent behavior and not stopping it. This will teach your dog to stay safe by ignoring alluring yet harmful items on the ground. 

How to teach this command:

1.    Place a treat on the ground from your dog.

2.    Walk your dog closer to the treat.

3.    He will immediately be drawn towards the treat. This is the appropriate time to issue the “leave it” command and pull your dog away.

4.    Create a distance between the dog and the treat. When he is no longer concentrating on the treat, shower him with praises and another treat.

4)   Come

Come here, boy!

This is one of the best dog commands. Dangerous situations like life-threatening accidents can be avoided by the use of this command. Here is how to teach this command:

1.    Make sure you put a leash on your dog.

2.    Give the command “come” them pull him towards your gently.

3.    Once he masters this command, give him treats.

When you are satisfied with your dog’s progress, remove the leash and issue the command.

5)   Go

Another basic dog command

This is similar to the “come” command. The difference is you pull the dog out of the room instead of pulling him towards you.

How to Teach a Dog Commands

Learning how to teach a dog commands can be overwhelming at first but with constant practice, the task becomes easy.

Build a basic framework before you commence training. Positive reinforcements always create satisfactory results. To make the learning experience enjoyable, you can introduce games. With constant teaching, your dog will respond to all your commands.

Below is an added list of dog training commands:









Teaching your dog commands promotes obedience and social skills. Well trained dogs can be taken to social gatherings and long journeys. Through training, your dog learns to communicate better. Regular training ensures that you and your dog are always on the move which helps to keep fit.

Which dog breeds do you think are the easiest to teach? Which hand commands for dog training have worked for you? Share with us!

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