Now that 2016 is over, we thought we’d round up a list of the most popular items on Pawstruck to see what treats had our customer’s tails wagging.

Overall Most Popular Treats and Chews

Shopping for dog chews can be a bit of an intimidating experience. On top of there being all different kinds on the market, they seem to be made of a zillion unfamiliar ingredients. It’s a bit overwhelming, don’t you think?

That’s why we at Pawstruck have taken the time to carefully create great-tasting dog chews for your beloved friend at a price point you can afford. We source our dog chews from the finest ingredients nature has to offer, including beef, chicken and lamb, creating an amazing flavor that’s tough to resist. And not only are our dog chews 100 percent edible, they’re 100 percent delicious and help to keep tartar and plaque buildup at bay. We even offer a bulk buying option on almost all of our products so you can stock up and ensure your pup stays happy and occupied day in and day out.

The cream of the crop? Read below to see what 2016’s Most Popular Items on Pawstruck are.

Most Popular Bone

Bones have been associated with dogs for as long as we can probably remember. From cartoons to commercials and everything in between, the image of a delighted pup happily gnawing away on a bone is pretty much burned into our minds.

Pawstruck is here to provide dog bones that are safe and delectable treats for our pals who love to chew. Unlike many other dog bones out there, our dog bones come from high-quality, natural beef. That’s way better than those boring ol’ dog bones you see on the shelves of your local pet store!

What bone topped the list in 2016?

Most Popular Filled Bone

We can’t blame pups for getting tired of chewin’ on the same things over and over again. Give your pooch a break from the ordinary and treat her to a special filled dog bone. Whether your pup loves the taste of peanut butter or can’t get enough of that savory bacon flavor, our assortment of filled dog bones features a gourmet menu of options that’s guaranteed to satisfy even the pickiest eaters. And best of all? They’re made in the USA!

Our customer’s favorite filling in 2016?

Top 5 Most Popular Bully Sticks

For dogs who just can’t seem to stop chewing, Pawstruck and Redbarn bully sticks are the way to go. Similar in appearance to those beloved beef sticks that grace the checkout aisles of supermarkets across the nation, our bully sticks offer a meaty, delicious flavor that all types of pups are guaranteed to love. We carry tasty bully sticks in all sorts of lengths, shapes, and widths to ensure a safe chew that’s sized just right for your dog — puppies and toy breeds included. The best part is that our straight bully sticks are 100% natural and digestible!

ThHe most popular bully sticks of 2016?

Most Popular Toy

Spoil your dog and keep your furniture safe at the same time. High-energy dogs love toys to help relax and unwind. Shop our selection of strong and durable fetch and ball dog toys to find your pup’s favorite!

The most popular toy of 2016?

Most Popular Food

Finding great-tasting healthy and natural dog food for your furry friend is no easy task. Products that claim to be natural are oftentimes misleading, filled to the brim with animal byproducts, hard-to-pronounce chemicals and who knows what else. We knew we — and our dogs — couldn’t live like that any longer, which is why we set out to supply the best selection of natural dog food ever. Maybe we’re a bit biased, but we think we’ve succeeded!

Our natural dog food is no exception. Packed with real, delicious ingredients from the Earth, each dog food roll is bursting with mouthwatering flavors that keep your pup coming back for more. They’re made with actual quality meat, vegetables and herbs to provide your dog with the greatest health benefits as well as a simply scrumptious experience.

2016’s top dog (food)?

Most Popular Dog Canned Food

Soup’s on! Our selection of dog stew options features an assortment of delicious dinners that will make your pup’s mouth water! Made with real, delicious ingredients, our dog food stew comes in a variety of flavors to satisfy hungry pups. Each can of dog stew is made of the tastiest grain-free dog food formulas to keep your pup begging for more. Made with delicious, all natural foods such as high-quality meat, fresh garden veggies, and real cheese and eggs, each can of our dog food stew is packed with the richest natural ingredients your pup craves.

2016’s best-selling type of Natural Dog Canned Food?

Most Popular Cat Canned Food

It can be a challenge to find cat food and treats that are both healthy and delicious for your kitty. That’s why Pawstruck is proud to offer the most flavorful variety of cat products online! Made with real, natural ingredients your cat can taste, our cat food serves up scrumptious flavor with every bite. Give any flavor a try and your sweet kitty will thank you!

What flavor had cats meowing for more in 2016?

Most Popular Treat

Pwstruck’s selection of gourmet dog biscuits features a menu of rare, scrumptious options that make the perfect treat for all kinds of dogs! With innovative flavor combinations and patented fillings, these dog biscuits are perfect for training, walks or anytime you feel like spoiling your pup with a little treat.

2016’s top treat?

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