Our dog treat review this week is about our 12" Straight Bully Stick (XL Thickness).

I’m Happy To Have Found Pawstruck, The Quality Is Awesome And True To What They AdvertiseClick here to see a Pawstruck customer review about our 12" Straight Bully Stick (XL Thickness).

I’m new to Pawstruck and recently purchased the 12″ thick bully sticks. I was very happy with the purchase. I used to be a loyal customer of another bully stick website where I purchased the same item, however, the quality has gone downhill (bully sticks are ‘crunchy’ instead of chewy) and the size they advertise does not match the size shipped (it’s very upsetting to pay for a ‘thick’ when you know you’re really getting a standard). I’m happy to have found Pawstruck, the quality is awesome and true to what they advertise. Thank you.

Thank you for the kind review of our 12″ Straight Bully Sticks! We also have a variety of other Bully Sticks here -> Bully Sticks For DogsFor anyone curious about the benefits of Bully Sticks, learn more here:

The Benefits of Bully Sticks
The Benefits of Braided Bully Sticks

We also love our 12″ Straight Bully Sticks because they:

  • Are high in protein, but low in fat
  • Contain no additional chemicals, preservatives, or additives
  • Are a 100% digestible, all natural chew

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