It has officially become acceptable to dress your dog or cat up in the cutest most ridiculous costumes that you can find! Here are the 10 most popular pet costumes

No judgment from us, we see it, we love it, we do it, and we have compiled a list of the top 10 pet costumes to make your life easier. After looking at these fluff balls in their costumes, you’re going to be running to buy a pet costume, and we don’t blame you! It comes with the season and boy, have we been waiting.

Enjoy the photos and gifs of the cutest pets around!


witch costume for cats

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After seeing this little kitten in this costume we are convinced that there is no such thing as a bad witch or cat for that matter!


cat costume for dogs


What’s more comical than seeing a dog dressed as a cat? We don’t know either! Maybe not the most unique dog Halloween costume, but cute as can be!


Ghost costume for dogs


Beware of the ghost that lives behind the gate at house 208! Oh, wait… that’s just Cooper!


pirate costume for cats

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This cat looks like he’s ready to walk the plank. Or maybe we’re walking the plank? We aren’t sure but this cat sure plays the part well. ARGG!!

Batman Characters

Batman costume for dogs


Every Batman needs their Robin, and these two are the cutest Halloween pups that we have ever seen. Ready to save the day!


Lion costume for dogs

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The Circle of Lifeeeeee! We’ll follow this little lion pup anywhere, and we hope there’s always bubbles!


devil costume for dogs


This pup doesn’t fit the costume… But then again what pet would? Is that what makes this costume so cute?

Hot Dog

hot dog costume for dogs

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This pack of hot dogs has given us a whole new appreciation for the food. We will be starting hot dog Fridays in our office!


bumblebee costume for dogs


BZZZZZZZZZ….. We wouldn’t be mad about this kind of bumblebee attack.


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The cutest little pumpkin carrying well, a pumpkin! This costume has so many variations that it’s no wonder it’s known as one of the most popular pet costumes!

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**When dressing your cat or dog in a costume, always be sure that they have room to comfortably move around. Remember, it’s important that your dog have their complete field of vision and range of motion (no matter how cute or silly a costume might be).

If your dog shows signs of stress while they are dressed up, it’s not the right look for them. Safety is the most important thing when it comes to furry family, and Halloween is a time to make sure that your pup stays happy and safe. Check out our Halloween Safety Tips for more!